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# KITE DISPLAY TEAM, Close Encounters #

Close Encounters Kite Display Team
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HQ Infinity Standard or Vented

Click below for two nice videos of these beautiful HQ kites in action

Pairs video” and...

“Trick video”

How to fly Tutorial 
Novices and beginners Click HERE
Kite flying for beginners
We are pleased to publish this, the first in a new series of videos that we hope to produce helping those at the early stages of flying to keep their kites in the sky and their interest developing.

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We ALWAYS respond to anyone who emails us.

If you have taken the trouble to write to us but not received a reply - it can only mean that we didn’t receive it -we are sorry! - Please re-send!

This does not apply to people trying to sell us things or improve our ratings - we already said that they would be ignored - they have been and always will!

HQ Crackerjack
HQ Crackerjack
Click HERE For Slide Show
And HERE For the VIDEO!



3 Limbo kites stacked

Come inside for lots more videos or...

Visit our page of HQ Kites

HQ Delta Rainbow


Visit our page of HQ Kites

We are continually updating or adding “Kite videos” just like the one HERE

Weymouth Kite Festival 2012 - 
The Video
Where can I buy a kite?
There are others, of course, but our favourite retailer is Kiteworld - in business since 1989 and still going strong. Click the logo to visit them.

Skydog “Dream On” kites fun fly filmed at Stokes Bay      

Never too old- Never too young!

Granddaughter Bethany Megan showing off her first ever kite.


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Before you fly a kite


























Kite displays

Kite Display Team

Husband and wife kite flyers, Close Encounters Kite Display Team, welcome you to our web-site.

Come back here often and see what’s been added.


About us - HERE!


Have a question? - click to ask us.HERE


(Read our disclaimer)


About us
What we do
Hello from Allan and Marilyn Pothecary - founders of 5 times British Champions, and now Kite Flying Display Team,  Close Encounters!

Flying only the best kites to professional standards, this is one of the best all round kite display teams in Europe!

Have kites, will travel!
Why not book us and add some colour and excitement to your event or how about a coaching day for groups, teams or individuals?

We perform kite flying demonstrations set to music and commentary at festivals, country shows, schools and corporate events all over Britain and in countries as diverse as the USA, Spain, Greece, Lithuania and the Canary Isles - We’ll go anywhere!

Thinking of buying a kite? - Ask us for an unbiased opinion.

We have lots of kites  provided by our sponsors for you to try before you buy.
What we do....
What we do....
How cool is this combination?
Everyone wanted their photo taken with these kites.
Click on the photo to see the video...
Tiger Cat and Tweeties
Try this for size
A 10? meter long
Giant Turbine
from HQ Invento
Roger Backhouse

Who is that lurking in the bushes?!!
Don’t worry - it’s kite enthusiast and  ace cameraman,
Roger Backhouse!

Roger is the man responsible for many of the better stills and videos on this site!
4 Octopus Kites

New Video

Click the photo


T5 by Airdynamics

Marilyn shows off the kite and her skills

YaYa Inflatable Duck
Another member of our growing inflatable collection
Click on the photo
YaYa Inflatable Duck

This ol’ fellah came over to our tent and plonked himself down in my seat during the Weymouth Kite Festival claiming to be a long time kite-maker.

He reckoned that he was making kites before any of us at the festival were flying our quads and sport kites!

So I said to him - “...and who do you think that you are then matey  - Peter Powell?!!

View Peter Powell stacks HERE

Video of the new shop in Cheltenham HERE

Click the photo to see this superb kite in action on video.

Octopi Kites 
Team Colours
Octopi Kites
Team Colours

Click on the photo to view the video!

With matching tails!
Big Pink Octopus

Take a peek at this HUGE pink Octopus

Click on the photo to see the video!


Kite-fliers’ lessons in landing.

It’s amazing what you can learn from things that happen around you!


1) If you are watching - don’t stand directly under where someone is trying to land.

2) If you are the pilot - land in to the wind.

3) Look out for changes in wind direction

4) Come in sideways if you need to

5) Once you are committed - go for it!

6) Fly as if your life depended on it

7) Consider other people’s safety!

Better explained in the link HERE

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Kite event



We don’t charge!

Mesh Windsocks
Pink Smiley Kites

New Addition To our collection

Fun kites

Click the picture to watch them on video

We can now offer our own, new, completely mobile, PA system!




Filmed in the New Forest England

Advertise FREE!

When were are attending your event


Neox Stacks

Book us for...

Stunning! sport kite routines set to music

Amazing! static single line displays

HQ Kite Bag

There’s a new kite bag out from HQ

See it closer with our quick review


Click HERE to watch the video



For Video